Call for Papers

Important Dates

Oral & Poster Presentation Abstract Submission Deadline September 30, 2018
October 31, 2018

Abstract Submission has been closed.
Notice of Acceptance November, 2018*
December, 2018*

the end of December 2018.(Schedulded)
Oral Presentation Full Paper Submission Deadline January, 2019*
February, 2019*

How to Submit

  • Please submit your abstract from Abstract Submission Page above.
  • In order to submit an abstract, the first authors need to register their information
    (e.g. Name, Affiliation, Contact information, Abstract title) first. Upon completing the registration process, you will get a confirmation email.
    Please click on the link indicated in the email to proceed to the abstract submission page to upload your abstract.
  • Abstracts must be written in English.
  • Please select 1 technical session that you wish to present in. Technical Sessions: Session 1, 2, 3
  • Please indicate your preference for presentation style (Oral / Poster).
  • Oral presentations will be presented in technical sessions. A technical session will consist of 12 presentations* and each presentation will be 20 min.* including Q & A time. (*tentative)
  • There will be Q & A time in the poster presentation and the presenters may be asked to give a short presentation.

Abstract Guidelines

  • Please follow Abstract Guidelines when preparing your abstract.
  • Please make sure to include the title, the information on co-author(s), keywords as well as the abstract itself.
  • Abstract Text: Maximum of 600 words
    If you include a table, the abstract must be under 450 words and only 1 table is acceptable.
  • Please take it into consideration if you insert a table that the proceedings will be printed in black and white.
  • Management secretariat will not check spelling, grammar and/or expressions in the title and text of your abstract. Please make sure to proofread your abstract by yourself before submitting.
  • Please avoid to use specific brand names which would possibly be considered as an advertisement.

*Click here for more details.


<Session 1> Water Treatment, Water Quality Management and their Future
Advanced Treatment, AOP, Membrane Filtration, UV Disinfection, Waterborne Diseases, Emerging Substances, Upgrading Water Treatment Plants, Water Quality Monitoring, Water Safety Plan, Risk Based Approach, Climate Change
<Session 2> Network Management, Renewal and their Future
Integrated Management, GIS, SCADA, IoT, Remote Control, Smart Grid, Smart Water Network, Pipe Renewal, Renewal Plan, Stock-management, Downsizing, Trunk Main, Earthquake Resistance, Rehabilitation Methods
<Session 3> Utility Management, Risk Management and their Future
Asset Management, Customer Service, Public-Private Partnerships, Advanced Metering Infrastructure, Smart Meter, Small Water Supplies, Natural Hazards, Resilience, Utility-Utility Collaboration, Business Continuity Plan, Emergency Water Supply, Risk Management

*The keywords are not limited to those indicated above.

Review Process & Notice of Acceptance

  • Notice of acceptance will be sent to the first author after the review process is completed by email in the end of December, 2018(Schedulded).
  • Whether an abstract is accepted or rejected will be determined at the direction of the program committee.
  • Authors will be notified about their presentation style (Oral/ Poster) via email in the acceptance notice.
  • If we receive more abstracts than the expected oral presentation slot, some abstracts will need to be presented in a poster presentation. Although individual preferences will be respected, the final decision is at the discretion of the organizer.
  • Simultaneous translation (English to Japanese and vice versa) will be available.

After Receiving the Notice of Acceptance

  • Oral Presentations
    Please prepare your full paper by January February, 2019
  • Poster Presentations
    Please prepare your poster following the guidelines and bring it to the venue on the day of your presentation.
  • Outstanding Presentations
    Outstanding presentations will receive awards at the award ceremony scheduled on July 11. (tentative)
    Detailed information will be provided on the website when they become available.

Guidelines for Papers

Please see below for the details.


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