Simultaneous interpretation will be available for all the presentations.

July 9 (Tue)

  • Opening: Greetings by the organizer and guests
  • Keynote Speech: Hiroaki Furumai (Professor, Graduate School, The University of Tokyo)
  • Special Lecture: President or Representative of IWA
  • Presentations by Invited Speakers
    Chair: Sadahiko Ito (Professor, Graduate School, Kyoto University)
    *Reception scheduled afterwards.

July 10 (Wed)

  • Poster Sessions and Poster Short Presentations
  • Technical Sessions
    Presentations by Invited Speakers

    Session 1 Water Treatment, Water Quality Management and their Future
    Chair: Yoshihiko Matsui (Professor, Graduate School, Hokkaido University)
    Session 2 Network Management, Renewal and their Future
    Chair: Hiroshi Nagaoka (Professor, Tokyo City University)
    Session 3 Utility Management, Risk Management and their Future
    Chair: Haruo Ishii (Professor, Toyo University)
  • Technical Sessions (Oral Presentation)

July 11 (Thu)

  • General Panel Discussion
    Chair: Satoshi Takizawa (Professor, Graduate School, The University of Tokyo)
  • Closing: Greetings by the organizer
  • Technical Tour (Option)

Kawai Purification Plant (CERAROCCA)
Kawai Purification Plant, which came into service in 1901, was renewed in 2014 as Kawai Purification Plant –CERAROCCA–, Japan’s largest membrane filtration facility with a purification capacity of 172,800 m3/day, through Japan’s first PFI project that undertakes the renovation, operation, and maintenance of the whole plant in an integrated manner.
The purification plant, which has introduced a ceramic membrane filtration system that utilizes water level differences instead of pumps, has solar power and small-scale hydropower systems and is highly appreciated as an eco-friendly purification plant.